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B13 Space Saver Round 5 Spaghetti Storer 1.1L *NEW COLOUR*

  • £1080

It's the Tupperware Space Saver Round 5.  Perfect for storing spaghetti, it even includes a little measure for portion control.

The new seal colour is black, but while stocks last i still have it in blue.

Use it for wooden skewers, coffee pods, ice cream cones, liquorice, Pringles, pipe cleaners, crackers, biscuits, tea bags, or as a safe way to transport sharp knives when caravanning and camping -- put a little foam rubber in the bottom to protect it.

I also have it with a pouring seal for storing liquid.

See this great article on how to turn it into a fantastic and affordable "gift in a jar".

9.5 cm diameter x 28.5 cm high