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G02 PotatoSmart 5.5L

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Chunky large potato smart storage container with ventilation.  Ideal for your potatoes, with an aerated top that keeps them in the dark.

They are also great for storing dry pet food, or anything that doesn't need to be kept air tight, like children's packet snacks.

They come in black and with a top that is peacock bluey green or in pale green.

  • 5.5L: 28.5 x 19 x 23 cm

See also the matching G03 Onion and Garlic Mate 3L.  

These containers have different names around the world: you find them called a cellar, a Veg Out, an Access Mate, or a larder.  Whatever you call it, it has vents on the seal which allows the veg air to breathe.  The seal allows air to circulate inside, minimising condensation and odour build up and extending the life of the contents.