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M10 Microfibre Dish Drying Towels (2)

  • £2340
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A pair of towels:  aqua blue and poppy red. Grey no longer available, sorry.

Our Microfibre Dish Drying Towel is superior to others for drying dishes, pots and pans. That’s because it absorbs up to eight times its weight in water. It also help you to reduce your paper towel waste and protect the environment from refuse.

This cloth is perfect for washing, drying the sink and other surfaces around the house. Thousands of small fibres grip the dirt and absorb the water. The fabric dries very quickly!

80% polyester, 20% polyamide

63 cm x 40 cm

See it demonstrated in this video from 5' 01"" after a general demonstration of how to use Microfibre towels.

There is a whole range of Microfibre cloths.  See them all in my Cleaning collection.