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L04 MicroCook Pitcher 1L

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This is the product that I personally use the most.  Now in this stylish peacock blue. 

I got my first 1L Pitcher for the microwave in my very first demonstration kit in 2006, and I still use it at least twice a day.  I cook my porridge every morning with no overspill and easy cleaning, I often reheat leftovers for lunch, and most evenings I will steam to broccoli or beans with my dinner.

The cover is not a seal, because you need room for a little steam to escape, but it sits snugly enough to keep food inside without splashing.

You will save money, energy and the environment with this product. 

All Microcook and Microplus products are invisible to the microwaves, so the pitcher itself is not heated.  The handle and cap stay cool. 

Use it at max 800W to keep your product pristine. If your microwave goes higher, take it down a bit.

On Slimming World, I make my porridge in here every morning, measuring the oats and milk in a Midget.  A 50ml Midget pot of oats is your 28g Healthy Extra Allowance, to which I add 1x 50ml of whole milk and 2x 50ml of water, and cook at 800W for 90 seconds.  If not thick enough for your taste, give it another 30 second max.

Great for steaming veg on Slimming World too:  rinse the veg and cook for 1 min or so at 800W, just steaming them in the water that is still clinging to the veg, or an extra tablespoon or so.

20.6 x 15.5 x 12.9 cm high