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L88 Micro Delight omelette maker

  • £1215

So simple and easy to use, here's the amazing Micro Delight omelette maker, or Breakfast maker as they call it in some countries.  

Make omelettes with no mess or fuss, and no fat either!  If you are doing Slimming World, an omelette made in the Micro Delight is entirely "free" meal on any day.

Great for office lunches. Also works brilliantly for micro-cooking salmon.

Cool purple cabbage colour, capacity 430ml.

14 x 22.4 x 6.8cm

Use it around 60% power: full power will overcook the eggs.  




See it in action in the official demo video (in the old blue colour):

And here is my US colleague Dee W. Ieye making a breakfast frittata in the Micro Delight. She cusses right at the end around 5'00", so do stop sooner if you don't like that.