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L22 Silicone Oven Glove

  • £3420

In a new vibrant purple and pink.

The heat-resitant properties of silicone are already part to the success of some Tupperware products like the spatulas, the silicone baking forms.  Here, this high-performing material is a key ingredient in this state-of-the-art Oven Glove. 

In some ways it's a traditional oven glove, but the addition of the silicone means that not only is it heat-resistant up to 220 degrees C, but there's no chance of losing your grip.  Notice also the subtle incorporation of the Tupperware fountain logo into the silicone pattern.

What I like is the long cuff:  it's no good having a fabulous oven glove if your wrist is exposed to splashes or the hot corners of the over door, is it?

31cm long x 19cm at thumb