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G01 Chop Collector

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A great lidded container that has all kinds of uses.

When cooking, use it to hold everything you need for your recipe, and save space.  It can also used for holding onion skins, veg peelings and other bits and pieces and then transporting them to the bin.  You can also place the open hinged lid under your chopping board, over the edge of the counter, for holding your veg, either before or after chopping.

The detachable lid stands up vertically, so it does not get in the way when using the container.  Detached, it can be a base for the container, a spoon rest, or even used as a large spatula itself.

The colour palette matches the PotatoSmart or Potato Smart, and the Onion and Garlic Mate.

Outside the kitchen, the Chop Collector can also be a handy container for tools, screws or in the bathroom to hold lotions, cotton swabs, etc.