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F60 KP Tools Beater

  • £1075

A tool for mixing all types of preparations: creams, ganaches, light and thick batters for pancakes, blinis, etc.

The smart professional design has an open drop-shaped head that perfectly fits the shape of the container.  The mixer head has six flexible strands, thin and flexible to reach corners and the ends are rounded to reduce scratching.  Easier to clean than a ball whisk too.

Clever design means it can stand upright. The beater withstands temperatures up to 120°C, but it is not recommended to leave it in a saucepan while cooking.

7.4 cm  x 29.95 cm

Here it is in action with the E16 Herb Chopper, L02 Microcook Pitcher, E62 1L Measuring Jug and a random mixing bowl I can't get: