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EZ Shaker 600ml or 350ml *25% OFF*

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Looking for the old Tupperware Quick Shake?  You came to the right place!  The EZ Shaker is an upgrade of the iconic Tupperware Quick Shake, now available in 2 sizes.

While stocks last, the limited edition 600ml size in black is 25% off.  Plus, I have a limited edition 350ml in pink with a free device for slicing your cake equally!

The cap of the EZ Shaker is a big improvement on the Quick Shake:  the top part never detaches and gets lost, and the fancy "drop guidance function" means that when you pop the open, any drips are guided back into the container.  The cap also has cup and millilitre measures inside, so you can use it to measure liquids you are putting into the goblet.

The EZ Shaker comes in 600ml or 350ml capacity container, although I recommend you leave at least 50ml capacity for blending space. 

The 600ml size comes with a blender insert and can whip cream, and can combine wet and dry mixtures like Yorkshire Pudding, pancake batter, etc.  


  • 600ml: 9.9 x 11.1 x 22.6cm
  • 350ml: 9.9 x 11.1 x 17.4cm

The 350ml size has no blender insert because it doesn't need one. The innovative design of the cover and the smaller capacity of the container mean that it does not need an insert to blend salad dressings, beat eggs, and blend any liquids.  If you need to blend a wet and dry mixture, I recommend the 600ml size with insert instead.

Both EZ Shakers work brilliantly alongside either size of the EZ Mix N Store and the E63 Cooks Maid.  See them all hard at work in this great demo video.

Both sizes available in the classic blue.



Many a 1960s housewife Quick Shaked (Shook?) her Yorkshire pudding mix for maximum airy magic, and many still do.

I have shaken Bloody Marys and Martinis, and at one memorable Tupperware spa party in Highbury, I shook olive oil with rock salt and a spring of rosemary from the garden for summer sandal foot lotion. You can also save a fortune on frappucinos by shaking your own. And don't forget the air-tight seal allows you to keep the contents fresh until if you need them: one of my more outdoorsy hostesses cracks half a dozen eggs into the Quick Shake and packs it with the camping gear, dispensing the beaten eggs as she needs them for camp breakfasts.