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E16 Herb Chopper

  • £4365

I wish it wasn't called the Herb Chopper!  It does so much more, and in other countries it is called the Ultimate Chopper, the Mini-Chef, the Chop N Prep, the Turbo Chopper, and German speakers call it the Speedy Boy!

The pull cord means you can make 288 knife cuts in 5 seconds! Chop fresh herbs, chunked vegetables and fruits, boiled pulses, cheeses, cooked meat. 

Blend butters, pesto, spreads, hummus, tapenade, buttercream toppings for cupcakes.

10.8 diameter x 9.2 cm high

Spare blade also available here.  If you need a spare cover and pull cord, or the white part that connects the cover to the base, they are listed with the Smooth Chopper which uses the same cover.

See it in action in these two videos: