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E63 Cooks Maid

  • £1575

Okay, it is cheeky saying this is a new product, because it is an old favourite.  But it hasn't been available in the UK for a while.  In the 70s your mum had it in orange and cream, now it's in a snazzy blue.

The Cooks Maid is an integrated set of gadgets including a grater, a zester, and juicer for your lemons and limes, and an egg separator. It's a real piece of Tupperware history.  Great to see that as old as it is, it has been brought back to integrate with the upgraded E25 EZ Mix N Store 2L:  all four of the parts slot into the hole in the top of that product, for seamless modular baking.

See it in action with the E25 EZ Mix N Store 2L and E85 EZ Shaker in this demo video.  The trusty old E86 Quick Shake does the job, and is in all the same colours.

Lemon squeezer