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Tupperware Man UK - Catalogue

*Tupperware catalogue: Autumn 2020

  • £070


I use paper catalogues at Tupperware parties, but sadly I'm afraid it is just too expensive to post them out free to everyone who asks for one.

You can browse the current catalogue here (in Euros) on the Tupperware website.

My online shop includes everything from the catalogue, and lots more besides:  Special Offers, Clearance items, and Seals and Spare Parts. Plus my shop is priced in £ sterling (catalogue is in Euros), and I have detailed product descriptions and lots of demonstration videos for products.

On the whole, it is easier (and costs nothing) to browse my shop rather than order a paper catalogue, but I am happy to send one out if you really want one, and if you pay the cost of doing so.  

With delivery it costs £3.99 but I give you a special discount code to claim £3.99 off your first order.

  • Catalogue: 76 pages