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10-year Guarantee

For all queries about the Tupperware guarantee on products bought in the UK, please contact:

Tupperware Ireland and UK, 
Unit 11 Kinsealy Business Park
Kinsealy Lane, 
Co. Dublin,
Ireland    K36 F594
Mobile/Text:  00 353 85 179 4461
Landline: 00 353 1 8463977


Local Tupperware demonstrators and Managers do not handle replacements under the guarantee (warranty), or recycling of products. They can only supply paid replacement products and spare parts. But people often ask about the warranty so I have created this information page.

First up, despite what many people think, Tupperware products you buy in the UK do not come with a Lifetime Guarantee. The warranty is 10 years. Tupperware products you bought in another country may have a Lifetime Guarantee, but you will need to liaise with Tupperware in that country about any replacements.


10-year warranty: free replacement

Tupperware products you buy in the UK come with a 10 year guarantee. If it has cracked, chipped, split or peeled under normal use you can return it for a replacement.  If it is damaged by dropping, heat or otherwise, see "Non-warranty returns" below.

To claim a replacement, please send the complete product to the address above.

If the specific product is no longer available, they can give you the nearest current equivalent, or you can get a credit towards a new product.  

Non-essential surface decoration is not covered under the guarantee. Metal or wooden component parts are not covered, and such items are marked with a Q in the catalogue.  They are, however, guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defect. If you receive such a product and you believe it to be defective, please return it within 30 days of purchase for a free replacement. 

Local Tupperware dealers cannot forward products to Dublin for you, nor can they provide postage-paid envelopes or labels. 


Non-warranty returns

The 10-year guarantee does not cover products or parts which are lost, or which are

  • bought more than 10 years ago
  • heat damaged, including microwave damage of non-microwavable products
  • damaged by dropping or by freezing non-freezer products
  • chewed by pets or vermin
  • otherwise damaged other than through normal use

You can still return the damaged product to Tupperware at the address above for recycling. They will give you a scrap credit, based on weight, which you can put towards new products, including products you buy in my store. The credit is approx €21 per kg, or €33 per kilo for UltraPro products. Here's an example:

Carol drops her UltraPro 5L oven dish and breaks the cover.  She cannot claim a replacement under the warranty because it was not a fault with the product.  She returns the parts of the broken lid (approx 500g) to Tupperware for a scrap credit of £16.50, which she uses as a discount on a new lid, which normally costs £37.15. 


Products bought outside the UK

Please liaise with the Tupperware consultant or the Tupperware Head Office in the country where you bought it.

If you prefer, I may be able to supply paid-for new products or spare parts.  Browse my shop to check availability.