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Big orders + parties

I am taking an extended break, and referring all orders to my colleague Tracie at

For general information, the following information is an example of how party rewards work in the UK. The current reward products will be different.

I can treat any order of £30+ as a party and give you the same rewards you would have as a party host or party guest. 

So why not collate orders from friends and family and claim all the party rewards for yourself?  Here's what I can give you.

The half-price products and Thank You gifts change every month. The products shown here are for big orders and parties from January to March 2020.



Add a half-price product to your order here, one for every £30 of your existing order. If you claim more than you are entitled to, I will remove them from your order, sorry.



an extra 10% in free products of your choice.

So if you spend £150, I give you another £15 worth of products of your choice. The easiest way to claim your free products is to use the discount code ITSAPARTY at Checkout, which gives you 9% discount on what you have already chosen, which is the equivalent of 10% extra. Trust me, it works out!

If you prefer, don't use the discount code, and then I will contact you direct to ask what you would like for your 10% extra products. If you don't reply by Monday morning (sometimes people don't!) I cannot add the 10% rewards.


All the above, plus this month's Thank You gift

If your order is £200+ (after the ITSAPARTY discount if you are using it) I will contact you to ask which Thank You gift you would like. If you don't reply by Monday morning, I will choose one for you myself.



All the above, plus a half-price product of your choice. 

If your order is £360+ (after the ITSAPARTY discount if you are using it) I will contact you direct after you order, to check what half-price product(s) you would like, then send you an invoice that you can pay with card of Paypal.

Normally this reward is only available at a party if one of your guests books another party, but rules are relaxed right now.



All the above, plus another Thank You gift of your choice. 

If your order is £400+ (after the ITSAPARTY discount if you are using it) I will contact you direct to check whether you want two of the lower level gift, or one of these higher level gifts.