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Why do the products link to a different shop?

I am no longer a Tupperware demonstrator, so my shop is inactive. Product listings take you to my friend Tracie's shop. 



I have a question about something else

Please check these  common questions first.  


  • How do I start up as a Tupperware demonstrator myself?
  • Is this the Tupperware UK office?
  • How can I get a replacement under the guarantee?
  • Can I buy spare parts?
  • How do I find my local Tupperware demonstrator?

    How do I start up as a Tupperware demonstrator myself?

    My friend Andrea is a UK Tupperware Manager. Please contact Andrea at or 07424275914.

    You can also contact the Tupperware Ireland/UK distributor direct using this form or at


    Is this the Tupperware UK office?

    No, there is no Tupperware UK office. The Tupperware company has split UK distribution between an online outlet and an independent importer-distributor based in Dublin.  You can contact Tupperware UK here

    How can I get a replacement under the guarantee?

    Contact Tupperware UK

    Can I buy spare parts?

    Yes. Please contact my colleague Tracie.


    How do I find my local Tupperware demonstrator?

    To find a Tupperware demonstrator in another part of the UK, use this map. You might find it easier to open the map in a new browser window and search by postcode, town or county.

    I have a question about something else.

    Please click to contact the UK and Ireland distributor direct or email