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What's going on?

I closed my Tupperware business and this online shop in 2021. I have removed all the product listings, so the "Search all products" box above does not return any results.

In 2021 the logistics of importing from the distributors in Ireland had already become too problematic for me, and the end of the single market with Brexit finished it off. Don't blame me, I voted Remain.

At around the same time, the Tupperware company decided to split UK distribution three ways. There was a centralised online shop and the shopping channel Ideal World both of which had exclusive rights to sell a limited range of products, plus a residual independent sales force doing parties and selling the rest of the range. It seemed a peculiar arrangement to me, but my ex-colleagues did their best.

Meanwhile over the last few years Israel, Netherlands and New Zealand had all moved over to online only sales, so the writing was on the wall. On 1 June 2023 Tupperware fully stopped supplying the independent sales force in the UK and Ireland. They kept distribution via the website and the shopping channel, but in a strange twist Ideal World went out of business shortly afterwards.

I do still have a very small stock left in my clearance sale:

Some of my former colleagues are also either still selling via their own import arrangements, or having clearance sales:

Many ex-demonstrators are using the Facebook group Tupperware Facebook Party UK to clear stock. There is also an Irish version: search for it on Facebook.

For any questions about ordering from the current range of Tupperware brand products, customer service, warranty replacements, spare parts or anything else, please contact Tupperware UK 
























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