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Seals and spare parts

Tupperware products you bought in the UK between September 1989 and March 2003, and less than 10 years ago, are still in warranty. If a part or seal has cracked, split, peeled or chipped under normal use, you can return it direct to Tupperware (not to me) for a replacement.  For full details, see 10 Year Guarantee on the menu above.

If it is out of warranty, or if you can't be bothered to return it to Tupperware, or you have lost or damaged the part or seal yourself, then I can probably help.

This section has the most commonly requested spare parts. If the specific spare part or seal you need is not listed here, first check the Shop to see if the whole product is still sold.  If it is, Contact Me with the product code and name, and the part that you need. I can then check the price of the part for you.

If the whole product is not listed in the Shop, and therefore not available in the UK, it *may* still be possible to obtain the spare part.  Some very old products, including the seals with the sun-ray type pattern, are no longer made. But I am happy to check for you.

Check the base of the product and/or the seal for the tiny product number:  it may be easiest to do a "brass rubbing" using a pencil, in order to read the product number. Contact Me and let me know the number, and the name of the product if you know it, and a brief description.  Ideally, take a photo of the product too and send it to me at andrew @ or to by text to 07759 753695. I can then check availability and price of the part.