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P01 Micro Pro Grill and Ring *10% OFF*

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This product is no longer available from individual demonstrators.

Tupperware's revolutionary Micro Pro Grill is finally available in the UK. This amazing product lets you turn your microwave into an indoor grill.  And it is handsome enough to bring to the table.

The Micro Pro Grill is especially handy for someone who does not have access to a stove:  students, caravanners and campers, in an office kitchen or break room, or anyone who cannot grill outside.

You can grill meat, fish and vegetables in under 20 minutes. Revolutionary, less-mess, less-stress grill speeds cook time.

The stainless steel material shields food from microwaves by directing them to hot plates on both sides of food. Smart technology quickly heats to 425F/220C and remains at that temperature, grilling to perfection.

The dual-position cover grills to sear in flavour or casserole cooks to a golden brown. Superior nonstick surface for easy cleaning and healthy cooking.

You can casserole cook crisp desserts, casseroles, au gratins and pizzas by resting the cover above food.  Separately, you can grill and sear sandwiches, meats and vegetables by setting the cover directly onto food.

I cannot offer party rewards on an order for a Micro Pro Grill, because the rewards are already built into the reduced price.

    Here's an introduction to what it can do:

    My US colleague Chef Mike has made some fantastic recipe videos, which I highly recommend. 

    This product is a whole new concept in cooking. See how it was developed here:

    There's a third demo video but I have to say I don't like it.  I get very tired of ads that feature clever women rolling their eyes at stupid men. Stupidity does not divide along gender lines!