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Fix and Mix Bowl 6L + Handy Scraper *25% OFF*

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A traditional wide mixing mixing bowl, red with white seal. Also useful for salads, and all kinds of uses. Air- and water-tight seal makes it perfect for preparing and transporting food.

33 cm diameter x 13 cm high

Comes with a Handy Bowl Scraper in black and orange. It's a very cool and ergonomic tool, which fits beautifully in the palm of your hand. It is good and sturdy for mixing ingredients, yet beautifully flexible for gleaning the last bits from a blender container, or spreading on a baking sheet

And use it for clean-up:

  • scraping plates, pots and casseroles before washing or placing in the dishwasher
  • cleaning Tupperware seals (using the pointed side)
  • clean baked on food from a ceramic or glass hob

16 x 6.2 cm (7cm at widest point)