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C02 Cake Decorating Bag with 5 nozzles

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For day to day icing, there is is E91 Squeeze It.  If you want to up your game, there is the Tupperware Icing Bag. Decorate cakes, pastries, cupcakes, cookies, appetizers and desserts like a boss.

The Bag itself is plastic-coated for maintaining its shape and for easy cleaning, and it has a large opening for easy filling and cleaning. There are capacity lines for accurate measurements when filling. 

The five decorating tips nest together for compact storage.  There is an adapter to hold each tip securely in place.  The five tips are:

  • Line Tread Tip for writing, printing or creating vines
  • Closed Star Tip for creating drop flowers or stars
  • Open Star Tip to creates borders or large drop flowers and stars
  • Filler Tube for filling cupcakes
  • Shell Tip to create borders

Here it is in action. Sorry I don't have the decorating plate, just the bag.