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Tupperware Man UK - Spare seals

Classic round seals

  • £285

Looking for a spare or replacement round lid for your Tupperware?  You have come to the right place -- except if you need these specific seals, which are listed separately:

First, the Seal Organiser shown in this photo is not currently available in the UK.  This listing is for the seals (lids) themselves, not the Seal Organiser.

These classic round Tupperware seals are used with a range of different Tupperware products. The letter code is usually embossed on the tab.  The seal will also always have a tiny product code, usually starting with 3 numbers.  In the drop-down menu above, I have given the letter code, the first 3 digits of the product code, and the diameter of the seal.

If the seal you are looking for is not listed here or separately in this collection, please see Spare Parts and Warranty for how to contact me direct to check price and availability of other seals.  Some older seals are no longer made, including the seals with the ridged starburst design, which people often ask me about.

Orders for seals and other spare parts often take longer than normal orders, but most are dispatched within 2 weeks.