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C25 Ventsmart Set

  • £5850

A  set of Ventsmarts for perfectly organised vegetables and salads.

Ventsmarts are the next generation of fruit and vegetable storage for your fridge. The Ventsmart works in the same way as the old-style lettuce crisper and FridgeSmart, with the grid is built in to the base  A time capsule for your vegetables and salads, keeping them fresh for weeks!

  • Sectioned base to catch moisture and keep it away from the contents
  • Air-tight with valves closed for carrots, peppers, mushrooms
  • Semi-air tight with one valve open, for leafy veg and salads
  • Breathing with two valves open for broccoli, Brussels sprouts and other "heavy breathers"
  • Integrated chart embedded in container, which will never wash off

The set consists of 4 pieces:

The first 3 are also available individually.  The Minis are normally only available in this set.