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I have retired...

Posted by Andrew Humphrey on

It's me, taking a well-earned retirement with Roxy from Borrow My Dog at Big Bad Wolf coffee. Photo by @createdbycath from my personal Instagram @theandrewhumphrey.

In early 2021 I decided to close my Tupperware business. My website is still live, and you can see the product pages, but to buy products you will need to contact one of my colleagues.

You can also join the Facebook group Tupperware Facebook Party UK. I started it during the pandemic when we could not do parties, and it is still active as a way to buy products. A couple of us have used it to have a clearance sale, so you may get a bargain. All products are brand new and pristine, and all are in stock and ready to dispatch immediately.


Why have I stopped?

A few different reasons.

The logistics, costs and practicalities of importing from a distributor in Ireland were always a pain in the rear, quite frankly. But the end of the single European market on 30 December 2020 added further logistics, taxes and customs duties.

In the post-Brexit period some EU-based companies just gave up delivering to the UK. To be fair, the Tupperware distributors in Ireland took a break to look at different ways to continue supplying the UK, and they did find a solution, but I realised I was enjoying the break more than I was enjoying running my business so I made it permanent. I always took my business seriously, but it was also meant to be enjoyable and fun. It no longer felt that way, so I quit.  

After the pandemic, and the normal pressures and priorities of life that we all have, and having been crazy busy with Tupperware for most of 2020 (people went mad for it during lockdown) I wanted to shift my priorities and recharge my batteries. So I hung up my Tupperware apron, and I must say I have not regretted it for a moment.

If you would like to keep in touch with my non-Tupperware life, I am on Instagram as @theandrewhumphrey.

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  • Sadly both my parents have recently passed away and I am now having to clear there house. Mum had a lot of Tupperware in the 70’s / 80’s which I will not use and I am interested as to whether it can be recycled … I don’t think anyone would want to reuse it unfortunately. If you could please advise I would be very grateful. Kind regards

    Clare Chapman on

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